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&— pronounced Ampersand— used to be the 27th letter of the English alphabet. It symbolizes the conjunction 'and', used to bind two words together. It is almost reminiscent of an infinity sign-- a symbol of never-ending new beginnings and connectedness. Similarly, the art gallery & hopes to foster a sense of togetherness, from the artist to the gallery attendee. With a focus on showcasing international artworks, & wants to portray the interconnectedness of art and the people who enjoy it. With each artwork being unique and diverse, it will bring a new dimension to your home, transforming a blank wall into a window to another land. At "&", we promise to show you something that will captivate not just you, but all those who pass through the walls of your home. 

Liubov Udalova

Gallery Owner

Liubov Udalova, or Luba for short, has been an artist for decades. From graphic design projects in Russia to wall murals in New Mexico, she has explored art in all its forms. With the opening of her new art gallery, &, she hopes to carry on her passion for unique and beautiful art. The art gallery is connected to her other self-owned business, Video Factory, in which she digitalizes old media formats to prevent precious memories from being lost. Feel free to reach out to her or either of her businesses for any questions.

Watercolor Stain




(505) 881-7878

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